About Company

We started out in the San Jose, California area as an idea in 1996 that said computers are confusing. It was our companies goal to take the confusion out of the personal computer and computer network and make them seem like a person best friend. we have been successful and now with a base of Silicon Valley clients have moved to tackle a new metropolitan area of Richmond, Virginia.


We pride ourselves on being the utmost professional, we are prompt, courteous, effective communicators. We understand the importance of PC's and we will communicate to you effortlessly solutions to any and all questions and concerns you might have about the operation of your personal computers and networks. we strive to make your pc into your friend and have it work hand in hand with the operators in the most effective way possible.

Service Highlights

  • Microsoft Exchange Server - We offer a hosted solution for small office needs. no more multiple thousand dollar servers required to enjoy the benefits of Microsft Exchange Server to help with your interoffice communications.
  • SPAM Filtering - top of the line 3rd party spam filtering application available this will eliminate 98% of SPAM Daily. No more cloggin of your inbox.
  • Diagnostic and Repair - no problem is going to be too big or too small for our engineer we will tackle all issues that are present.